I worked as a student writer at the Grand Valley State University Development office from August- December 2017. During this time, I handled projects such as television commercial scripts, marketing stories, brochures, research projects, and appeal letters. 
While much of my work can not be shared due to the confidential nature of my work at the GVSU Development Office, below are some samples of the work that I produced in this position. 
Senior Honorarium Appeal Letter
This first sample is an appeal letter that I wrote. This was emailed to the parents of all the graduating seniors of the class of Fall 2017. The purpose of this document was to get parents to give to the Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall in honor of their graduate.
Marketing Web Story - Avion Silas 
This sample is of a short marketing story that was on the Grand Valley Development Office's webpage. This story was used by gift officers in emails and other correspondences with potential donors in order to show the impact that Grand Valley has on their students.
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