Talon Rudel

Writer | Filmmaker

Hi! I’m Talon Rudel. 

I am a writer and filmmaker based out of Los Angeles.

I am from a small town in Michigan where I learned the importance of hot coffee and a good sweater. Growing up, TV and film were my favorite pastimes. All it took was seeing Marty McFly go back to 1955, and I was hooked. From that day forward, I was always daydreaming stories. However, it wasn't always sunshine and blue moon ice cream. But when I struggled through the hard times, it was film, and in particular good writing,  that got me through. It was that moment that I knew that writing was my calling so that I could do the same thing for someone else. This love of film grew and grew, and it took me to Grand Valley State University where I studied Film & Video and Writing. After overcoming my energy drink addiction and graduating, I adventured across the country in a beat-up minivan and dove headfirst into my filmmaking journey.

Now I write scripts and watch way too many re-runs of Twin Peaks and 30 Rock.

If you want to get to know me further…
I drink my coffee black.
Mean Girls and Ex Machina are tied for my favorite movie.
Music is equally as important to me as water.
…and I like lists.

Feel free to reach out! I would love to talk about potential projects or even sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee together. To take a gander at my resume, reach out!

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