All of my creative efforts go first and foremost to writing for film and television. I remember the first time I realized that a person wrote films was when I was in high school. Late, I know. I rented Inglourious Basterds from my small town library after seeing Pulp Fiction for the first time. Watching and re-watching Lt. Aldo Raine kick some Nazi ass inspired me in a way. It made me give myself a hard look in the mirror, and I thought, "I can do that!" 

Below are the loglines of some of my projects. Reach out for further information!
(Horror/Comedy Feature, 110 pages)
(Second Round Script Austin Film Festival 2022) 

A pool boy pinching his pennies for community college teams up with his best friend and his childhood crush to save their trailer park from a mind-controlling mold and the mega-corporation behind it all.
(Fantasy Comedy Pilot, 33 pages)
(Second Round Script at Austin Film Festival 2021)

When five friends get catapulted into their Dungeons and Dragons game, they have to overcome their differences, fight their way back to reality, and learn that their actions in the game affect real life.
(Buddy Comedy Feature Film, 111 pages)

When two lifelong, video game-loving best friends get together for their birthdays for the first time since college, their planned hijinx get turned upsidedown as they are wrapped into a kidnapping plot and their already strained friendship is put to the ultimate test. 
(Drama Feature Film, 100 pages)
Blackmailed into working at a sober living home after breaking into it, a young woman grieving the death of her best friend comes face to face with her trauma as she is put through the program.
Roommates Web Series
(Comedy Web Series, 5 Episodes, 3-6minutes each)

Stuck in quarantine, three roommates have to learn to live with each other as tensions rise over the smallest things. 

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